Crazy Comments from Crazy People

My sister posted about things you shouldn't say to a mom with many children, and she encouraged me to write one about what people have said to me about being a mom of multiples. So... Here's a list. Feel free to chuckle, they are rather funny. While I was pregnant: • Person: "Woah! You're huge, you're not going to have that baby here are you? Cause I can't deliver no baby." Me: "No, I'm only 6 months prego, I'm having twins."

• "Better you, than me"

• "How does that happen?"

• "Wow, you're in for it. Your life is officially over as you know it."

• "Did you conceive them naturally?"

• Person: "What are you having?" Me: A boy and a girl. Person: "OH!! So you're done right?!"


• "OOO! May I??? (meanwhile their hand is already on my belly)


After the babies were born and still happening at least 5 times everytime I get out of the house:

• "Double Trouble!"

• "Are they twins?"

• "Are they boy/boy, girl/girl?" Me: "Boy/Girl" Person: "Oh! that's awesome. So you're done right?!"

• Me: "There's a boy and a girl" Person: "So, are they identical?!"

• "Wow! Two of them? Do you breastfeed?"

• "Better you than me!"

• "Aw.. they're the cutest! Can I touch them?! Can I hold them?" Me: "um.. no. I don't know who you are."

• "You've got your hands full!"

• Person: "Twins?! OMG! How did you do that?" Me: "I didn't, God did."

• "I bet you're tired."


And my personal favorite:

• "Girl those twins have really messed up your body."