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Organizing Your Diaper Bag

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I feel unprepared and falling apart, if my diaper bag isn't properly stocked, and organized! Here's how I pack L & L's bag each day.

(sorry this picture is kind of blurry)... Here are the items that are pictured: 1. Blankets - you never know when you'll need them. For babies to play on somewhere, or for napping. 2. Johnson & Johnson Baby Antibacterial Wipes - I'm in love with these. I always clean the high chairs with these wipes, as well as their faces and hands after meals. 3. Diapers & Wipes 4. Toys & Books - anything that might be able to keep them entertained 5. Toiletries - travel sized lotion, thermometer, brush, and the Arm & Hammer diaper pale bags. 6. Snacks, Lunch, Bibs, Spoons. (not pictured: sippy cups) 7. A change of clothes for both babies. 8. I always have at least 4 bottles with me. (2 for each baby) 9. Wallet, keys, and phone 10. My favorite thing ever!! Changing table carrier thing! It's amazing.

Here's the first layer of supplies that go into the bag first: change of clothes, blankets, extra diapers and wipes:


Here's the second layer: Toys & Books, Bibs, Snacks, Lunch, and Spoons.


Front Pockets: Wallet, Antibacterial Wipes, Toiletries (I always have my phone in my pocket and my keys on my wrist / or in the storage that's apart of our stroller)


Back Pockets & Side Pockets: Bottles & Sippy Cups


If you don't have one of these, they are worth the purchase! It's super convenient. Sometimes, I just grab this wonderful thing when I go into a store or something, instead of the entire bag.


Hold wipes, dipes, diaper cream, and diaper disposable bags.


This beautiful thing goes right on top of everything that's in the diaper bag, and then it's a completed bag for our outing.


At the end of everyday, I restock our bag, take any dirty bibs, bottles, clothes out and clean it all. That way when the new day arrives, I can just grab my bag and go!!

What are some tips and tricks that you do to keep yourself organized?!