A Creative Way to Invite People to Your Easter Service

Does your church give you invites to hand out to people so you can easily invite others to your Easter service?

I was trying to think of a creative way to invite people. So... I found myself at the Target dollar spot and found some really cute stuff!


Burlap Bags - $1/each ; Little Eggs - $1 (comes with 6 in a pack) ; Green Sparkly Filling - $2 ; Cookies - $2

5 Bags = $10 

 (I already had the sandwich bags for the cookies, and my Easter invites)  


I got enough items to make 5 total bags. Every bag was getting two cookies, invite, little egg, and green filling inside. 


I wrote a little note on the back of the invite letting the person know which service I was going to and I left my number so they could call if they wanted to sit with us or needed anything.

This is how thy turned out! 


I'm praying about who to give these too! If you don't get one I still want you to come with me!! It'll be way fun. 

Share your creative ideas by messaging us below! We love hearing from you. 

The two words my 3 year old says everyday.


This is my Avery. 20140707-204549-74749369.jpg Avery sometimes eats with her Sofia the First sunglasses on. 20140707-204650-74810342.jpg

She also is in love with pink (strawberry) ice cream.


She's smart beyond her years, having fully taught herself the entire alphabet by recognition at 18 mos. She's also incredibly intuitive and caring. She's radiates life but also knows how to relax whenever that thumb goes in her mouth. She is very adamant about wearing a dress each and everyday (which I actually prefer), she makes me sing the song from Tangled when I brush her hair at night and she says the best little kid prayers to Jesus.



But one of my favorite things that Avery does that only I've been privy to, until Mike noticed it the other day, is the two words she says to me everyday before both naptime and bedtime.

"Happy Easter, Mommy!" she says with all the love and excitement in her heart.

This comes right after, "I love you, mommy!"

And I've always countered back, without hesitation, "Happy Easter, baby!"

She's done this everyday, without missing a day, since we actually celebrated Easter this year. At first, I thought it was so funny, then I found myself anticipating it...that sweetest voice in the world saying "Happy Easter" each time I'm about to walk out of her room after tucking her in.

Mike overheard her a few days ago and laughed and said "Why does she do that?! Doesn't she know it's not Easter anymore?"

"I don't know, but I hope she doesn't stop," was my reply.

Then tonight, as she said it to us both, Mike giggled again and responded with his own "Happy Easter" back. Then we realized, she's onto something.

For those of us who believe in Christ, everyday we should live our lives in celebration of Easter. What hopelessness we would find ourselves in if it were not for Easter.

So my sweet Avery, she's done it to me again. In her extreme youth, she's proven wise far beyond her years and understanding. But then again, maybe she does understand. Jesus can use even the tiniest of us all. And I'm thankful for the reminder everyday from that tiny, sing-songy voice.

And so from Avery to us all, "Happy Easter". May we be forever grateful.

Love, Alicia

Easter: death defeated

Each moment, each passing hour that the tomb of the Christ remained silent and intact, left the hopeful a little more hopeless. 24, 36, 48 hrs passed. No hope.

But then, somewhere around the seventy-second hour, the earth began to violently shake. The guards are down, the stone blocking the tombs entrance gives way to the King's very thought. It must obey; God is alive.


Satan is now raging in anger and agony. He knows his victory over humanity is over. His fate is now sealed. The hourglass of his life began the moment Jesus came out of the tomb. All is lost for him and his schemes.

Gods most precious creation is now filled with hope once again. We've been given THE Way to escape sin and death once and for all.

This gift is never limited to only those who appear to be righteous. This gift isn't just for a specific people group or those who grew up in church. This gift isn't just for those who haven't done the BIG sins. It's for all.

Jesus didn't choose who he would die for. He died for every human that had existed and was yet to be. Every unborn child, every toddler, every teenager, every adult...man and woman. No favorites. He just loves you. He has your gift of eternity and it's our job to reach out and take it.

It's always the right time to do so. No one is promised their next breath. If you are given the privilege to do so, it's because of Gods mercy that you inhale and exhale once more. Everything you have is because His mercy and grace have been given to you so freely.

Don't let Jesus' death for you, go in vain. If anyone on earth today died in your place, I imagine you would feel forever indebted to that persons family and would remain forever grateful to the hero who selflessly saved your life.

Don't treat Jesus any differently. He may have died for you long ago, you weren't there to witness it, but it happened. It had to happen. And because He lives, you too can also live past this vapor of life here on earth. If you choose not to accept it, He won't force it on you. He's a loving and just God, but He won't force himself on you. He's endlessly patient and good and wants nothing more than for you to recognize the hellish death He went thru for you.

This Easter, as in 25 Easter's past, I am rejoicing that God didn't stay dead and I have possessed His gift of Heaven for a quarter of a century now.

I long to see His face, but until then, I walk this earth covered by His grace.


Love, Alicia