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How to Get the Best Prices During dōTERRA's BOGO Week

I don't know many people that don't appreciate a good deal when they see one. 


dōTERRA does this amazing thing like three times a year that continues to blow our minds.


BOGO's (you know, those Buy One, Get One Deals?) 

Even Taylor Swift can't believe it...  

Even Taylor Swift can't believe it...  

Wanna know how it works? Then read on...

The DL (downlow)

So, for an entire week, dōTERRA will reveal ONE surprise BOGO deal of the day. It's a surprise because...surprises are FUN!

YOU, yes you, have just 24 HRS. to buy up to 5 sets of this deal. Just ONE full day and the deal is gone into forever past. (*sigh) don't wanna wait. If you see the deal, love the deal, gotta have the deal, you need to just go ahead and get the deal before your kid comes up to you and asks for that fifth Popsicle and derails your whole BOGO train. 


 How To Order 


So, you rush off, grab that Popsicle and pray it keeps Popsicle Polly occupied for just five minutes so you can order today's deal. 


But, where to start?... 


Here's a good place. In fact, it's the BEST place to begin. And here's what you do once you click on that "highlighted place" word in the first sentence of this paragraph. 




Click the 3-line thing in the top right hand corner of your screen.

That should reveal a hidden menu. (dōTERRA is FULL of surprises, aren't they?)

If you like paying full price for things, just click "Shop" to pay retail! Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.

But, if you're like most people we know, you want the cheapest price possible. So, if you're one of those, click JOIN & SAVE.

Wait. JOIN? Now, wait. Just calm down a second. It's not some "Jelly of the Month" Club, and you aren't going to sign your life away. Nope.



It's just like becoming an Amazon Prime member or a Costco Member. Members get perks, but no one's gonna MAKE you use your membership.  


Its really and truly no strings attached. 

(And we always give our new Ōily family members extra product just for deciding to Join & Save)  


 How Do I Get Today's Deal? 





Simply add the BOGO item to your cart and the FREE item will automatically be added. That's right, you don't have to add the FREE item at all. It just magically appears, in all it's FREE glory, in your personal shopping cart.  


And the best part is: it'll ship super quickly to your home. No meeting up with your friends at a gas station, after swim practice, to get your items. Just like Pizza Hut, dōTERRA delivers straight to your home.


 How Much Can I Order? 


Some deals are just too good to buy just one set. dōTERRA understands this and that's why they allow up to 5 sets ordered per account.


So, if you wanna really beef up that Ōily stash of yours, this is your week. 


 One More Thing... 

Head on over to our pretty sweet BOGO page on Facebook and give us a 👍🏼. Then, everytime you order a BOGO set, comment on that day's deal photo. Cause we're giving away over $160 worth of FREE oils. As if this week wasn't generous enough?!




So, what are you waiting for??!!  


These oil deals are too cool to hang out in this summer heat!