Traveling with Your Infant

Will and I have traveled with the twins as much as we could since they were born. We just wanted to see our families so badly, and we also enjoy having our own little adventures with the kids. (even if they don't remember, we'll have the pictures) It's really important to us to have the kids used to traveling. Here's how I prepare for a trip ...

Bags - • one bag for Lily (the main diaper bag) - diapers / wipes / change of clothes / a few toys / sippy cup / snacks / bottles • one bag for Liam (a bag for Will to carry around, just in case we get separated Will would have everything he needed on the plane for Liam) - same items as above • Carry On Luggage for Will & I's clothes • Carry On Luggage for Babies clothes and needs

Bottles - If you bottle feed, I found that what works best for when you go through security is to have all of the bottles full of with the proper amount of water that you'll need. This way, all you'll have to do is dump the formula into the bottle when you get on the plane.

Car Seats & Stroller - Don't check your stroller and car seats. Although it might be more stuff to lug to the gate, and go through security with, it'll save you the luggage checking fee!! Once you get to the gate, you just let them know at the counter that you'll need to valet check your car seat and stroller... it doesn't cost a thing!

Take Off & Landing - Breastfeed or bottle feed your baby at take off and landing, or give them a binkie to be sucking on something. This will help relieve the pressure in their little ears. I've also given my babies some baby tylenol... this also seemed to help with the pressure in the ears.

Distractions - If they aren't going to be sleeping during the flight, try to distract them. Try to sit by the window... the twins loved looking outside while we were flying. This is also where the toys and snacks come in handy.

Baby Carrier - Don't forget your baby carrier, just in case you need your hands free. Maybe baby would like to sleep in it too?

Flying and traveling with babies doesn't have to be stressful. It can be a pleasant experience. Just stay calm, don't assume it's going to be awful, if you do, it probably will be. If you're stressed, more than likely, your baby will be too.