A Creative Way to Invite People to Your Easter Service

Does your church give you invites to hand out to people so you can easily invite others to your Easter service?

I was trying to think of a creative way to invite people. So... I found myself at the Target dollar spot and found some really cute stuff!


Burlap Bags - $1/each ; Little Eggs - $1 (comes with 6 in a pack) ; Green Sparkly Filling - $2 ; Cookies - $2

5 Bags = $10 

 (I already had the sandwich bags for the cookies, and my Easter invites)  


I got enough items to make 5 total bags. Every bag was getting two cookies, invite, little egg, and green filling inside. 


I wrote a little note on the back of the invite letting the person know which service I was going to and I left my number so they could call if they wanted to sit with us or needed anything.

This is how thy turned out! 


I'm praying about who to give these too! If you don't get one I still want you to come with me!! It'll be way fun. 

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