The Irony of What We Care About

This morning, all before 8am, two images caught my attention in completely different ways. 


The first: a video of Miss Indiana Boon Feek (Joey and Rory Feek's daughter) learning to walk for the first time. It was such a joy to see. I watched it three times, feeling thrilled at the possibility that she may be walking solo this year.  


The second thing that equally shocked me, but in a completely opposing way, was the newest LGBT agenda campaign: #GiveElsaAGirlfriend. Yes, that's THE Elsa they're talking about. Apparently they are insisting that Frozen, Part Deux include a love affair between Elsa and another woman. 


Here's the thing:  


People were criticizing the video of little Indy because the lady helping her walk was holding her by her arms instead of the suggested "hold by the waist" technique.  


I won't argue that the waist holding way is best. It is. But people are so incredibly quick to nit-pick the parenting done here and completely overlook the JOY found in this moment. Because Indy has special needs, this is a moment that deserves nothing but praise and celebration. Not some pious, haughty explanation of how YOU would've done it better. It's ignorance at its finest. 


Then we have even more pressing issues like a hashtag about Elsa getting a girlfriend in the next feature film, actually trending on Facebook and Twitter.  


The campaign itself is geared toward showing young children that they can be comfortable with the LGBT lifestyles so that, in turn, it'll make life a bit easier for the adults that live in the thick of that lifestyle.  


So, it's funny to me that the same nit-picky, ultra-opinionated humans that would criticize a video of a child with special needs learning to walk, would also probably not see any issue in the whole #GiveElsaAGirlfriend shenanigans.  


How can I come to this conclusion? Because most of the "tolerable" people are also the most "intolerable" people. 


Our society is so jacked up. We criticize the good and praise the unorthodox. And it's weird. Just plain odd. 


What contradictions have you noticed that trend at the same time?! Share with us below.