I Love My Daughters Too Much to Vote for Hillary.

There seems to be a trend in news articles and the blogosphere, lately. 

I've encountered so many pieces on why I don't love my young daughters if I don't cast my vote for Clinton. 

I don't like to argue. I really don't, but if not voting for Hillary equates to me not loving my daughters as much as a Hillary supporter does, then so be it. Think what you will. Here are just some of my perfectly good reasons my daughters don't need to be under a Hillary Clinton presidency. And to spare you, I won't even bother mentioning the completely obvious things: such as her corruption with Benghazi, the way she embezzles money through her Clinton Foundation, and her obvious health issues that would automatically disqualify any other potential candidate at this point. 

  • Hillary Hates Black People

I don't know of any other presidential candidate that has been so openly, visibly racist, and yet, the entire community turns a blind eye. As seen in the photo, here, I watched the video where this photo came from. This precious young woman was silently standing, holding her homemade sign, in front of Hillary while she spoke. The video eventually shows the rightfully frustrated young woman being forcefully removed from the room when Hillary refused to answer her question concerning the quote. 


Another completely obvious fact, that most Americans refuse to dig deeper into, is the fact that Hillary is a champion for Planned Parenthood. She recently received the Margaret Sanger award a few years back, and plainly stated that she "greatly admired her" and "was in awe of her". Let's not forget that she also considers her a personal hero. Margaret Sanger was a famous eugenicist. What's a eugenicist? A eugenicist is someone who practices eugenics. Eugenics is the belief that breeding should be reserved for superior races. The Eugenics Movement of the early/mid twentieth century was heralded into the common household via Margaret Sanger. Margaret Sanger absolutely hated black people. Her goal was to exterminate them from the world via abortion and forced sterilization. Which is why she thought it necessary to found our modern day Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood still targets low-income, black communities to build their clinics in. Don't believe me? Go here to this interactive map

 Which leads me right into my next reason...

  • Hillary Hates Women

If the reason above wasn't enough, this reason is. Hillary supports, scratch that, Hillary wholeheartedly supports, the extermination of baby girls. That's a really tough video to watch, I know. Some of you may say "well, that's in India", "that's in China". True. But, did you know that it happens here all the time as well? In the United States? Here you go. 

Hillary has stated that she "will always have PP's back". She has yet to give a definitive position on any restrictions on abortion. She's been asked this question countless times, this year alone, and during every interview she happily defends Roe v. Wade and how it doesn't state any restrictions to abortion on demand. She supports it as it stands.

I can't allow my conscience to vote for a woman who supports racism to the highest degree through eugenics, nor support her for her blatant war on women both in and out of the womb. Which brings me to my third point...

  • Hillary Bullies Rape Victims

Hillary's disdain for women and girls goes to the deepest levels. I would never vote for her because she has been caught on tape laughing about the 12-year-old child that was raped by her client in the 1970's. She described the girl as  ‘emotionally unstable’ and had a ‘tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing.’

Since when do we victimize 12-year-old victims of rape?! I never knew that was socially acceptable. Never heard of this in my life. It's deplorable and you should be outraged! 

We really shouldn't have to get into the cover-ups of her husband's affairs and escapades, but those are true as well. She bullied and destroyed the lives of countless women who were raped by Bill Clinton. 

I could go on, but this is enough, really. I love my daughters too much to vote for someone with these standards. Our daughters deserve infinitely better. A lot... a whole lot... is at stake this election season. Hillary is not good for our daughters. Hillary is not going to give them a better future. 

While I will always place my ultimate hope in The One who made us all, I pray that women, everywhere, will come to an understanding of the not-so-hidden truths behind this woman. I pray you will actively watch all of the links provided you in this post. I pray you won't just take my word for it, but do your own research.  I pray you will not just vote to make history, but that you will vote because you DO have daughters. I pray you will vote because you ARE a woman, and women deserve so much better than this. Wouldn't you'd rather the first female American president be one of YOUR daughters? Strong, able, truthful, loving, and inspiring! 


We can still make history, but not thru Hillary. 

We can come together as women and unite! We can band together and say "NO! We don't want this woman representing our gender in this way!". We want a strong, steady leader, and Hillary isn't her. 

She just isn't. 








Diaper Review

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Diapers Review


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When My Sister Became a Mother (Too)

My first memory ever is encompassed by the arrival of my little sister. I will never forget visiting my mother at the hospital soon after she emerged from the womb. It was the year 1986 and I was heading towards age three, going on twenty-seven. I remember eating salad remnants off of my mothers hospital tray, while completely oblivious to how much this first sibling of mine would rock my world.

We were a sisterly duo for four and a half years before we became a trio. We got a little brother, which smashed my little sister in the middle.

As we got older, and juggled our attention between the three of us, I began to see my little sister as completely and utterly annoying...generally preferring the company of my adorable, much younger brother, than to be cooped up [with the girl who loved to tattle on me AND steal my clothes without asking] playing Barbies for the billionth time.

Oh, don't get me wrong, we had good moments that glued us together. Common sisterly interests that really kept us united despite the daily quarrels we had. You know, things such as: Titanic, Spice Girls, BSB, TRL, Celine Dion, Selena, making mixed tapes, etc.

The teenaged years seem fuzzy to me. We no longer attended the same school, didn't have mutual friends, and basically just argued about clothes a lot.

College gave us one year together on the same hall. I look back now and wish I would've spent that last year of college rooming with my sister. But, I didn't. I was caught up in being engaged, managing my established college life from the previous two years, and just dying to get home and marry the man I've longed to be with pretty much my whole life.

I missed my sister during our separation while she finished her college years and I began my married life here at home. I didn't feel on the same plane as her because I had been married for three years and was about to give birth to our second child when she got married the fall after she graduated college.

We lived close by, I mean CLOSE (like 5 mins) for almost the first two years of her marriage. We really didn't hang out like you'd think. I maybe saw her once a week. I loved having an awesome auntie for my boys that lived so close. She adored them. But she never understood my life. She didn't get it. Well, not completely. I couldn't wait until that day that she did. That day when she would become a mom.

I always pictured that day being the beginning of a new found best friendship between us. Both adults, both married, and both mothers. Bring on the late night phone calls while up with a crying child, the every other day play dates, and we would be each others' built in babysitter. Tag-team this thing. Wanna go to the store alone? No problem, sis, I got you. Bring those little people over. And back and forth we would go.

Our children would be best friends, of course. Cousins and best friends? Perfection. I dreamt our lives would be so beautifully intertwined that we wouldn't feel any hint of motherhood loneliness. We would double up our meals and share on those days we just weren't "feeling it", and our kids would feel lost without one another if there was ever a day we weren't together.

That's what I hoped for.

But that's not what happened...not even close.

You see, I didn't realize how much I loved my sister until she moved almost 1000 miles away four years ago today. I didn't realize, until it was too late, that I should've just stopped by her house more, or taken her out for coffee more often.

Two years ago, God did a funny thing: He allowed us to be pregnant at the same time. Only, God forgot about the part where He was supposed to have us live next door when this happened. God was giving me my fourth and her the double blessing she would talk about when she was little. My sister always wanted twins. I was so happy for her. She was freaking out, but I knew she made for this.

I was feeling sorry for myself throughout our pregnancies. We were only six weeks difference and so inevitably, I couldn't be at her baby shower. I couldn't be at her birth because I had just given birth. I cried. A lot. I cried all night after she had the babies. I hated that I didn't know details. I hated that I had to rely on our mom as the mediator.

I remember when she first moved, I cried sobbed everyday for months, then every other day for several more months. And if I allow myself, even now the thought of her being so far away still makes me nauseous and weepy. Factor in my 19 month old niece and nephew and an amazing uncle that my kids miss out on knowing better, and it makes me so overwhelmed.

But what's even more overwhelming is the fact that motherhood has brought us to this place in sisterhood I never want to leave. We may be a thousand miles apart, but my sister is the gift from God I [always] took for granted. Now I feel naked if I don't hear from her everyday.

She is my "go-to" in this mothering world, my shoulder, my rock, my occasional anxiety (because she worries so much more than I do), but really has become invaluable to me. It's not a coincidence she was my first memory, she's been a part of every important moment of my life so far.

I wish she was here to steal my clothes. I wish she was here to argue with me. I wish she was here to give my kids the stupid sugary junk she always tried to do when she lived down the road. I wish she was here to do the crafts with the kids cause she's better at it than I am. I wish she was here to watch movies with and make us her "heart-attack" air popped popcorn. She made it the best. Like a whole stick of butter and probably a bit too much salt was used. I wish I could make fun of her while she wears that pathetic looking tattered IU shirt for literally the billionth time to bed. I wish she'd show up at my door with free Starbucks and a Liam and Lily to play with.

I never imagined that what I was told all through the years....the years I wanted to hate her....would really come true.

"You'll be best friends someday" is what they would say.

They were right. And I miss her.

Love your sister. And if she's a mother too, love the motherhood-sisterhood bond you will (hopefully) forever share.

Love you, sissy.




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