must haves

Alicia's Baby "Must Haves"

Just a few of my favorite things....<3

Alicia's Favorite Products

1) I'm a cloth diaper lover.{most of you are aware.} But in almost 4 years of cloth diapering, this is as close to the perfect diaper I've found. BumGenius makes a great product and I have been a fan since day one of my cloth diapering adventure! The best diaper they have is their Freetime diaper. No stuffing. Customizable absorbency. One size (8-35lbs). And it comes in a rainbow of colors and now in four different patterns! I have the Albert which is a black diaper with math equations to tribute the Albert Einstein. Completely adorable. I bought mine off of

2)The Green Ring. This teether is Eco-friendly and the outer rubber ring comes off for dishwasher safe washing. Love it. I baby loves it;) I bought mine from the (disclaimer: if youre the least bit "crunchy mama", pace yourself on this's hard to get away without entering your payment information) :)

3) Inchbug. Favorite favorite favorite thing I use EVERYDAY!!! These silicone rings eliminate the "which one was my cup debacle?". You can customize your order with your child's name, color, and symbol. For about $12 you get four of these rings that fit on virtually any size sippy cup, bottle, or regular cup. A MUST for moms of multiples, many little ones, and those that go to daycare or nursery at church. You can order yours here: and with code STUDY, you can get a cool 10% off your entire order! That's a fact, Jack!

4) Babylegs. These MUST HAVE baby leg warmers not only warm your baby, but warm your little mama heart with their extreme adorableness!!! I must have bought 30 pairs over the years and love giving them out at showers and to new mamas. They make diaper changes a snap and crawling baby legs appreciate the extra cushion on those hard floors. You can also use them on your older childrens' arms for added warmth or to pair with a tshirt in the cooler morning hours for easy removal once it warms up later in the day! (Beats bringing jackets along!) Most pairs run a between $10-$12 but Babylegs loves to put on a good sale and during one of these monster sales you can get about 8 pairs for around $20!! Go here to let the fun begin:

5) Babyganics Room and Nursery Freshener. Love this line of cleaning products!! I especially love this nursery spray. We've all experienced that after nap blowout smell when we enter baby's room. This cucumbery scent removes any simmering stink almost instantly! Trust me. You need some.:) You can buy it here:

6) Catnip & Fennel Extract. Thanks to a sweet childhood friend who gave me her barely used bottle after my fourth baby was born last November, this made my list. Just a drop or two on a baby's gums will help those newborn colicky episodes. Thank goodness for this product because boy did my Olivia ever need it. She was my reflux baby and this helped her upset tummy every night before bed. It's got a giant price for such a teeny bottle but it will last a good while. Buy it here at more than half off:


Amber's Favorite Products

Top 6 Products

These are the top 6 products that I feel like I couldn't live without the past 8.5 months.

1. Fisher Price Rock 'N Sleeper - The babies slept in these for the first 3 months. They're so easy to store, and drag throughout the entire house. The babies were so snug and comfy in them too. They're perfect because the babies are reclined at a perfect position. If you are about to have a baby, and don't have this product go get it! You won't regret it.

2. Bouncy Seat - For me these were a life saver! There's no family around down here in Fort Lauderdale, so the bouncy seat and the sleeper were my second set of hands for the first couple of months. During bath time, I would use the bouncy seat to lay one baby in while I was washing the other baby. The babes would play in them throughout the day, maybe take a nap here and there in them as well. Also, when it was feeding time, I would place the babies in their bouncy, and feed them at the same time with their bottles. It made it as easy as possible for me.

3. Medela Breast Pump - This sucker was used 6-7 times a day. Breastfeeding wasn't my favorite thing to do, but I was determined to get to at least 6 months. I would breastfeed the babies, and then I had to supplement with formula because they weren't gaining weight properly. Because of this, I decided to pump as much as I could each day divide that between the babies and then supplement with formula for the rest of what they needed. This was a bit overwhelming and I had days where I felt like I was strapped to a machine all day, but I did survive and my babies were able to get breast milk for their first 6 months of life and for that I'm grateful. I celebrated when I put this thing away for good though... I'm not going to lie. :)

4. Chico Double Stroller - I love our stroller. It has plenty of storage, cup holders, and a cute little holder for your cell phone. The back turns into a bed. When they were newborns we would lay them both in the back together to nap while we were out. Then we started using that part as a playpen for the babies. Now it's never used, because they would literally jump out if we would let them. The car seats are awesome, and it converts into a regular stroller to where they sit up and hang out. It also fits in the back of my tiny RAV4!!

5. Angel Monitor - We moved our babies out of our room when they turned 3 months old, and this made the transition a lot easier! This monitor can be used for sound and as a sensor. It senses their movement throughout the night, and alarms you when the baby has either stopped moving or breathing. It made for much more peaceful nights of not worrying too much about our new babes. Now we mainly use them as just the sound monitor.

6. Tommee Tippee Bottles & Formula Dispensers - Now that the babies are just on formula we use the formula dispensers every time we go out and about! We are in love. It makes life so much easier. You fill your bottle up with the right amount of water, fill the dispenser up with your formula, and place the formula dispenser inside of the bottle. When your baby is ready for their bottle, they'll have a fresh bottle every time. No more digging for the formula in your bag!! You just grab the bottle, open it up, and your formula is right there. We love it! I'm all about anything that can make my life a bit easier.