Nothing. And Everything.

Yesterday morning, my sister texted me and asked what my plans were for the day. I immediately thought and responded with "Nothing". But before I could hit send, I typed "And everything."

She laughed and said, "that's a good reply."

Most all of us know what's it's like to have a new baby and you kinda feel trapped at home for several weeks and months. Not because you necessarily have to be trapped, but more so because the daunting task of going anywhere around a newborn's very random "un-schedule" is almost never worth it. And, if you add in several more children to the mix, well, you get where I'm going with this...

So yesterday was another day of nothing... and everything.

IMG_3012.JPG helping a newborn poop is a part-time job without pay or benefits

IMG_3014.JPG but when the newborn poop train starts, it goes on a cross country trip of sorts

IMG_3016.JPG when cabinet locks fail you, the toddlers and their lollipops win.

IMG_3019.JPG then the sugared up princesses beg to go outside on one of the hottest days

IMG_3021.JPG this "get up" easily adds an extra 10 degrees to the situation outdoors

IMG_3022.JPG proactive dinner. Smoking ribs all day long.

IMG_3025.JPG "lather,rinse,repeat" copy and paste this scene all day long. Sitting down to nurse.


IMG_3029.JPG playing with the full-bellied baby

IMG_3031.JPG dealing with preschool aged emotions is tough

IMG_3033.JPG equally as tough is cleaning up after this one

IMG_2970.JPG making sure these two don't end up in the ER is also a part-time full-time job with no pay and few benefits

Add in meal-making, school-teaching, laundry-folding, bath-giving, spill-cleaning, disaster-preventing, story-telling, and countless other tasks...I guess I shouldn't feel so unimportant for not having plans most days. Because everyday we do "nothing" gives way to a day we do "everything".

Love, Alicia