Hand-picked, yet overlooked.

1 Corinthians 15:58b, “Throw yourselves into the work of the Master, confident that nothing you do for him is a waste of time or effort.” (MSG)

IMG_3348.JPG I love this verse. It definitely resonates in my soul. It's an awesome verse for any mother as we too often experience the monotony and drudgery that daily motherhood brings.

wash, rinse, repeat.

We've all heard the following:

"Motherhood is a calling."

"You were handpicked by God to mother the children He has so graciously given."

"When you feel overwhelmed and swallowed deep by motherhood, just count your blessings and it'll get all better. Etc."

Despite those truths, there always will come a time, or multiple times, when you simply feel overlooked.

We don't get paid for what we do. We typically don't get a thank you for the thousands of meals made, the clean clothing that magically appears in the closets and drawers, the countless hours of schooling, the story-telling, and errand-running, etc.,etc., etc.

There are only a few special days per year where mothers are typically openly acknowledged and celebrated: Mother's Day and birthdays.

I usually am always disappointed on these days. Why? Not because I'm hard to please. Not because I expect lavish gifts or time spent away doing as I please (and when that happens, I usually feel completely lost at what to do), but because I just want to be noticed. Simply noticed. And to feel special.

Last year, on my birthday, I turned the big 3-0. We had given a surprise party to my husband on his thirtieth just three months prior. It was awesome and was just really a collection of people that love him, his favorite foods, and his favorite activity: fishing. It wasn't fancy. We met at in indoor air conditioned building space at a local park. I love throwing parties, so it was an absolute JOY to me to be able to do this for him. I loved how our moms pitched in and how the secret of the whole day united us. It was a joyful day celebrating his life. He definitely deserved it. He's a pretty incredible person.

So when I turned thirty, I thought maybe something similar would occur. There was this cake that I really wanted for months. There was only one gift I really had in mind. (I got neither) And I honestly expected, after years of feeling overlooked in this cave of motherhood, that maybe, just maybe, that day I could feel celebrated.

It almost was like a HUGE sign to me flashing with lights that said "YOU'RE JUST A MOM".

Moms don't get "days off", and they typically don't get all dolled up everyday and interact with other adults much. So it was almost a reminder that I fail miserably at keeping up with life outside of these walls filled with children. The only ones that really CAN appreciate me are the ones that take from me everyday.

So I guess there was no party, no cake, and no gift because I am the party planner, the cake orderer, and the gift giver in my family. But what mom wants to do that for themselves?! That would just be plain awkward.

It may all seem petty, but I think I speak for all of us when I honestly express how much motherhood can make us crave feelings of being appreciated, noticed, and cared about.

That was just one example. I'm sure there's been times that you could speak of feeling completely overlooked. It happens to us all.

There's so much giving going on when you mother. You give and give and when you have nothing else to give, you still must give.

I know instead of seeking worldly acknowledgement, I should always remember how much God notices me. How much He wanted me to exist. He noticed me enough to die for me. He noticed me enough to give me my dream of a husband and large family. He noticed me enough and hand-picked me to mother so many of His precious gifts.

As another birthday approaches, I'm praying for a heart that doesn't care to be recognized so much by those who surround me, but by a God who is crazy for me.

I think I'll always struggle with this part of me. {I'm being completely honest.}And for anyone reading this that feels overlooked, you're so not alone. Here's to finding our joy, purpose, light, hope, fulfillment, and absolutely everything in The One. And may it be in those moments, and in those days that we never think the word overlooked.