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Interrupted phone calls and 8pm bedtimes: How Motherhood stole my social life

Ever since motherhood began for me back in 2006, I've had to strategically schedule phone calls. Oh, I'm not talking phone calls of a social nature. (What mom has time for those?!) No, no, no. Phone calls with the intention of settling a matter, paying a bill, or making an appointment. Phone calls that you dread making and even more so dread what the person receiving the phone call may hear from your end.

In fact, I would guess that texting and online bill pay were both invented by mothers who were sick of being interrupted during a phone call. Whoever that mama is, thank you. The only person I even attempt to call during the day is my husband because he expects the interruptions and he's half the reason there are interruptions in the first

I don't know many women who actually have the uninterrupted time needed for a real phone conversation these days.

So not only does motherhood naturally remove oneself from society, but it further removes you through the impossibility of making a friendly uninterrupted phone call. Then, there's issue número dos that I especially struggle with...the desire to do absolutely anything after the kids go to bed.

I don't know what it is about being younger, but not too long ago, a midnight or later bedtime was the norm for me. College...I had no problem staying up until 1am and making it to an 8am class. It's like I was immune to what is normal for me now: fatigue, irritability, and regret if I were to choose to stay up that late since the days motherhood began.

Let me just be frank about this...Mike and I have held no shame in putting ourselves to bed as early as 7pm. And there have been things we've flat out been totally interested in doing but didn't because it would've kept us out past Not even kidding. After the kids go to bed, I'm a fuddy duddy. No shame. I just am. I have no desire to conversate, interact, explore, or go anywhere after my kids are asleep.

It's like I have this mentality, "it's quiet, you're tired, don't do anything." I sometimes think of all the other millions of things I could catch up on after the kids aren't pulling me in different directions....and I let those things enter and exit my thoughts as I weigh what's more Even at the expense of having little to no social life.

Nothing has made me more tired, more isolated, or more of a hermit/boring/average/introverted version of myself than motherhood has. I'm boring. Completely and utterly dull and yet I feel the most blessed. So for now, I'm going to continue to endure the interrupted phone calls and my zero of a social life and rest in the goodness that God has given me through motherhood.

Now to make a quick phone call while nap time is in full swing and the boys are outside. Wish me luck.

Love, Alicia