Don't Make Resolutions


How are you doing with those resolutions?! Probably already a failure, huh?  

Here are five things to do to be a better goal setter:

1. Don't make resolutions... write down your dreams for the year! 

2. Make weekly and monthly goals instead of yearly goals. Sit down on every Sunday and write down what you have to get done for that week. You'll feel so much more organized and ready for the week! 

3. Be realistic 

4. Watch your progress! Post your goals on your mirror, fridge, anywhere you can see them daily. Write down your progress. This will keep you motivated!  

5. Give yourself grace. Listen, life gets messy and no matter how much we plan, surprises will happen. At the end of the year, I sit down with my husband and we talk about the goals we didn't accomplish. We don't let the disappointment well up inside of us. Instead, we laugh about it. We challenge ourselves to get them done the next year and add them to our New Years' list!


Trying to accomplish your dreams and making goals isn't about watching yourself fail, it's all about growing and becoming a better more disciplined person! 


So go write your dreams down! Make some goals for this next week, and remember to give yourself grace. Live life to the fullest! You only get one shot at this!   


The Importance of Being (somewhat) Organized...

Here are some ideas of how to be organized from a mom Bible study I attended a few weeks ago. It was about the importance about being organized as a mom, even if it doesn't come naturally to you~ !

Easy Peasy Dinners - Trader Joe's Style

photo 2-6 Do you have a Trader Joe's near where you live? I don't, so I drove me and the babies an hour to get groceries from one this past Thursday, and it was well worth it!

Their frozen food section is amazing, healthy, and super easy and fast to make at home! So I stocked up on tons of frozen foods. The other night my husband and I made their orange chicken with chicken fried rice... it was practically just as good, if not better than PF Changs fried rice.

Here's what the bags of food look like, and if you live near a Trader Joe's go get some! You just throw everything into the skillet and it's done in less than 10 minutes.


IMG_1196 tjschickenfriedrice