Saving Money at Target

I'm sure by now, you all know the love I have for anything Target. Well, I just found a new trick! You know those coupons that print out with your receipt? The ones that are pretty much catered for you, so that you come back and possibly buy the same items you just bought...


Yes, those ones in the picture!!

Well, the other day, I received 3 coupons with my receipt, and all 3 of them were for items that I just purchased! I got to the car, and I thought, man, I really wish I had these before I checked out. So, I went to see if their customer service would help me out. I unloaded the cart, and loaded the kids back into the cart, along with my new coupons.

I walked up to the customer service desk, and just said, "Hi, I'd like to use these coupons for the items I just bought, please." The Target lady said, "Ok, just show me where these items are on the receipt, and I'll be happy to take care of it for you." So, we found the items together on the receipt, they matched perfectly, she scanned my coupons, and handed me cash for the savings from the coupons! WHAT?! How awesome is that?!

So, next time you get those silly coupons that print out with your receipt, that you think you can't use until next time.... be sure to go straight to customer service, to get your money back (in cash!) for those receipts.

Just another reason why I love Target, and save a bundle there!