The Tiny Professor

Adults typically consider themselves as having acquired all necessary knowledge for human living. We usually go about with puffed up egos and scour at anyone that attempts to challenge our beliefs, decisions, and character. When adults become parents, the "unteachableness" can become worse. We feel that these little people know nothing of life and it's many hardships and so we're here to make sure they learn {and learn fast.} So we train them to sleep thru the night before they're ready....pushing them to independence at the youngest of ages. Some of us tend to grow them up quicker than they should, projecting our hurried lifestyles on them and considering the amount of work they create (shoe tying, bag packing, diaper changing, etc) just gets in the way. We have schedules. We have important things to do, errands to run, checklists to complete...[work with me here.] And most of us will tend to pause for one thing only....our devices: those snatchers of our undivided attention.

But did we ever stop to think [and watch and soak in] the fact that we, the parents, may not be the best teachers to our children? Did you ever consider the reverse just may be truer?

Here are some things your child can and probably will teach you:

trust The moment we are born, we display an enormous amount of trust toward our primary caregiver. A baby trusts with a unhindered fervor. Trusts that their every need will be met. Trust is typically described as something earned, and in this fallen world, we typically have to learn to trust other adults. But young children just trust. We usually have to teach them to be wary of strangers and family members who aren't trustworthy. But the kind of trust a child displays, an infant or a toddler, is so beautiful and innocent. I honestly believe that this is the type of trust God desires of us as His children: unhindered trust.

joy The first laughs a baby echoes are like a symphony to the world. Nothing is sweeter or more contagious than a laughing child. I believe that joy is only found in God. Children are so special to God, and play such a vital role in His kingdom. I believe children display joy effortlessly because they are typically unmarred by the woes of the world. And yet, sometimes, adults tend to disrupt and steal that joy from children by projecting their problems or shaking up their little world because we sometimes forget that children deserve to remain innocent. Joy, true joy, is contagious and overwhelming. Let children be joyful. Seek Him to find your own joy...there is no regret found there.

determination If you've ever witnessed a baby that is on the verge of crawling or walking or climbing, you have seen the epitome of determination. They persist and repeat the exercise over and over and over until finally, they succeed. They usually do so without complaint, and without fear. Obstacles in the way are no match for a determined toddler. Tumbles and spills may happen but the will to go on is always there. I've yet to encounter a baby that simply gave up hope of accomplishing the task they sat out to accomplish.

faith Faith, by definition, is believing in what cannot be seen. Children are really good at displaying faith by this very definition. The faith of a child is to be desired among Christians. It's the theme in all of Christianity. It's hopeful, it trusts and is so vital in the loving, prosperous relationship between man and God. A childlike faith is to be rewarded, and sought after like buried treasure. When is the last time you allowed God to stretch your faith?

honesty/truthfulness We all have enjoyed, at some point, the brutality of honesty that rolls off of a child's tongue. Some children are so honest, adults can cringe. Children usually just call things as they see them, and while sometimes this is done to a fault, we could all learn to be a little more honest. In the adult world, the white lie is king. We may tell little lies so as not to hurt another's feelings. We may lie in order to save ourselves or get a promotion, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. We may do things in secret that we wouldn't dare do in the presence of others. Become a lover of truth. Lying gives the enemy a foothold. Don't dig trenches, live on your own mountain of truth!

assertiveness Most parents spend the toddler years with one goal in mind: to break the will of the child and replace it with complete submission. While obedience is to be honored, allowing your child to have an opinion is fine as long as it doesn't give way to disobedience. The first few times your baby says "No!" can be cute and funny. And it's no surprise that it's one of a child's first words considering it's probably the word they've heard the most. The bible says to let your yes be yes and your no be no. Don't become swayed and influenced by negativity and sin. Not everything is good and profitable or beneficial. Say no to those things that pull you in an opposing direction. Say yes to those things that draw you closer to God, your spouse and your family. Make wise choices. Seek wise council. Enjoy the benefits of living according to His Word.

What have you allowed your child to teach you? How do you plan to see the world thru the eyes of your children today? Remember to remain teachable, to give your undivided attention, and to thank God for your "Tiny Professors".