[life] in between posts.

A decade ago, the only time you heard the word "post" used it probably had the word office after it or lamp before it. It has since become its own celebrity in world culture, and is critical to how we communicate to one another. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all revolve around this one action, this tiny word. We define our lives by what posts we share from the important to the trivial, from pictures of our nearest and dearest to sharing a recipe. Posts are important to us. Posts are how we communicate. Posts are our contribution to society. Posts are what make the world go round.... With each post, you are an artist, painting a masterpiece fit for a gallery display.  Since you are the artist, your portrait can tell the story you desire. Some of us are less than truthful, others only share the good, some only the ugly, and others of us love to tell others how to paint their pictures as if they have offered us a favor.

But while posting itself is not the issue, how we perceive our lives outside of these posts, is. I believe we've lost sight of how the world should really work because most of us feel we can only contribute behind the safety of a screen. It's true that as a culture, we have become hands off, yet our hands full with a device that lives our lives for us.

Question: what is your life between the posts?

What are you missing? Are you missing a precious moment between your little ones? Did you miss an opportunity to make a memory? Are you getting out there and making a real difference? Have you helped someone lately? Offered words of encouragement and love to another mother that's struggling? Do you know your neighbors? What are your passions? Find them and use them! Do you seek opportunities to love on others and remove the focus from yourself?

Your life is not what you post. Your life equals to those moments where you are engaging, an active participant in the world. In the end, nobody will care about what you post, but what life you lived. What kind of life will that be? Engage. Encourage. Love.