Out on the town: A family adventure to Lynchburg's Old City Cemetery

Happy First Day of Spring! Today I'm sharing with you a little family adventure we did yesterday. Going out as a family does not have to cost a thing and can be a lot of fun. With little ones it is hard to get out but it's so worth it to get a new scenery and some fresh air. Yesterday, my husband, my daughter and myself went on a little adventure in our downtown area. We walked around our Old City Cemetery. This area is chalked full of history and it a perfect place to get some pictures taken. We didn't get to see the entire cemetery (someone got tired) but its a beautiful place with an old chapel, museum and fun swing. We are hoping to go back in some warmer weather and see the rose garden (the largest collection of antique roses in VA) in full bloom as well as swing on the swing. Enjoy some of our pictures and get out and enjoy the sunshine today! 


If you ever find yourself in Lyncburg, VA, check out the Old City Cemetery and stay tuned for pictures of the antique roses! Have a great day! 



A little throwback...

Here is the fun swing at the park. This is pre-husband and pre-baby! 

Here is the fun swing at the park. This is pre-husband and pre-baby!