Fingerprinted windows

You know the drill: you scurry around, windex in hand, and like a mad woman you try your best to wipe away all those fingerprints before they "magically reappear". The other day, I was watching the boys play in the backyard thru the living room windows and I laughed a bit because one window in particular was covered in so many fingerprints, the boys looked blurry.

If you are blessed to have any stainless steel appliances, glass fireplace doors, or glass tables, the opportunity for fingerprints to manifest seem almost endless.

I could easily become frustrated over the abundance of smudges and finger swipes on these delicate items soon after making them glisten once more. But I see these fingerprints as a symbol that life bulges in every direction of our home. I see the variations in the prints they leave, some are bigger than others, and some are indicators of a new life, just months lived.

I know that one day, I will miss the time my windows were filled with fingerprints. So to the moms out there with fingerprinted windows, the time to savor is now. Let's not wish these busy, bustling, lively years away. Some mothers are missing their fingerprinted windows right now and others wish they could have just one tiny hand to press on the windows in their world. We are blessed. The time we are in now is messy, but it's the time we must leave our own fingerprints on the hearts of our children.